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American's Knowledge, Perceptions of Risk and Probable Responses to the Threat of Avian Influenza in U.S. Food Supply

Presenter(s): Sarah Condry, William K. Hallman, Cara Cuite, Miranda Vata

Year Presented: 2007

Condry, S. C., Hallman, W. K., Cuite, C.L., & Vata, M. (March 23, 2007). Americans' knowledge, perceptions of risk and probable responses to the threat of avian influenza in U.S. Food Supply. Invited presentation to the Marketing Policy Conference Bio-terrorism and Natural Disasters: Market and Policy Responses, sponsored by Food and Agricultural Marketing Policy Section (FAMPS), NC-1016, and the Council of Food, Agriculture, and Resource Economics (C-FARE), Washington D.C.

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