Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Food Policy Research]

Project Details

Improving Food Security for New Jersey's Families

Research Team: Brian Schilling, Anne Bellows, Lucas Marxen, Mike Hamm, and Debra P. Keenan

Project Duration: 8/2002 to 9/2005

This project will develop an overall understanding of food sources and human need for food in New Jersey, as well as a fiscally sound linkage strategy. It will identify and quantify, at all steps in the State's food delivery system, wholesome and nutritious food that goes to waste before it can be made available to those in need; identify and quantify, the need for emergency or supplemental feeding for families and individuals in the State; develop a fiscally judicious plan to secure food from loss to deterioration or waste, and transport and apportion that food to emergency feeding programs; develop strategies for behaviorally-focused educational outreach with at-risk families and individuals; and, analyze nutritional sufficiencies and deficiencies in existing emergency food programs, and develop solutions to generating nutritionally complete, culturally acceptable diets.

Funding Agency: New Jersey Department of Human Services

Contact: Brian Schilling


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