Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Food Policy Research]

Project Details

Oaxacan Women's Health: Needs, Knowledge, and Practice for Self, Family and Community in Cross-Border Transitions

Research Team: Peter Guarnaccia, Anne Bellows, Teresa Vivar

Project Duration: 9/2007 to 12/2008

The objective of this study is to examine the health needs and work to improve the health knowledge and practice among Oaxacan households in the migration cycle between New Brunswick, NJ and Oaxaca, Mexico. Following up the on the successful project, "Health Needs, Knowledge and Practice: Oaxacan Women, their Children, and their Extended Families in the Migration Cycle Between New Brunswick, NJ and Mexico," directed by Anne Bellows, this study will continue to develop health policy leadership in the New Brunswick and Oaxacan communities. The project is being carried out with Teresa Vivar, President of LAZOS America Unida.

Funding Agency: Johnson & Johnson, Inc.

Contact: Peter Guarnaccia


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