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Analysis of Markets for Botanicals and Natural Products: Trade Opportunities for the US and Western Africa

Research Team: Adesoji Adelaja, James Simon, Brian Schilling

Project Duration: 11/2000 to 7/2001

The trend toward nutraceuticals has been identified as among the most important trends facing food and pharmaceutical companies and consumers in the United States today. As consumers increasingly shift toward non-traditional modes of health delivery and more natural alternatives to health maintenance and disease treatment, the demand for natural products and botanicals has risen substantially. The goal of this study is to rpvide information on the leading natural product markets in western Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Cote Dí Ivoire) and the international trade dynamics within these sectors. Specifically, trade patterns existing between the United States and nations in western Africa will be investigated.

Funding Agency: US Agency for International Development (USAID)

Contact: James Simon


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